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Tarleton is a state university, so why does it need my gift?

John Tarleton statue at Alumni Island

Did you know that Tarleton only receives approximately 28% of its operating budget from the State of Texas? This low percentage surprises a lot of people.

So what sources of revenue make up the other 63% of the budget? Students, through their payment of tuition and fees, contribute approximately 37%. The remainder comes from contracts and grants, sales and services, investment and other income, and gifts.

Here are just some examples of what gifts can do:

  • provide scholarships
  • enhance programs
  • support professors
  • renovate existing facilities
  • build new facilities

So you see... your gifts are truly necessary to make a positive difference in the lives of our students and to help Tarleton continue to be a great university, as well as an outstanding educational value! At Tarleton State University, every gift has an impact and every gift is deeply appreciated. Thank you for your support!